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We have tried to pre-empt questions that visitors to our website may have based on the questions we have been asked, most frequently, over the years.  However, if we have not featured the question that you have in mind, please Contact Us or call us on 02476 100476.


We have already identified some companies we think could be appropriate acquisitions. Can you help us with these?

Yes. We always need the acquirer’s input to the search process. The acquirer’s expertise in the sectors we are searching is always going to be far greater than ours and your input helps to refine the search criteria and improve the efficiency of the process. Once a list of potential targets has been established, it is our job to ascertain whether the business could be for sale and to start the information flow so that the acquirer’s identity and plans are protected until such time as the acquirer wishes to engage with the target.

Can Anderson Shaw assist with the purchase of businesses in administration / liquidation?

Yes. However, it is worth noting that businesses purchased either in or just before administration / liquidation require a very different approach because of the timescales which have to be met, the absence of time for due diligence and the usual requirement for 100% cash at completion.

How does Anderson Shaw Charge for providing Acquisition Services?

Typically we will agree to provide a limited amount of time to perform search activities on a success-fee basis, payable only if a target is ultimately acquired. If the search process goes beyond this time, at the Client’s option, the search can be extended on a day-rate basis. If support is required beyond a simple introduction to cover analysis, valuation, negotiation, heads of terms, and management of legal stages etc we normally charge on a day-rate basis. Depending upon the size of the success fee, some of the charges paid on a day-rate basis may be deductible from the success fee.

We are always amenable to discussing alternative fee structures.

Anderson Shaw has offices on the outskirts of Stratford-Upon-Avon and provides business broker and corporate finance services for clients throughout the Midlands and the UK.

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