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Business Valuations - Our Approach

As specialist business brokers and as a result of selling many businesses over many years, Anderson Shaw has developed significant expertise in the area of company and business valuation.  We are able to value most businesses and we specialise in manufacturing, engineering, technology and b2b services sectors.  The video on this page gives a short overview of how private businesses are valued. 

For business owners considering selling a business, we are always happy to provide a preliminary verbal valuation at no cost, before asking the owner to commit to using our services.  It is important that our assessment of value is broadly in line with the owner’s expectations.  Unlike too many business brokers, we will always provide a realistic estimate of value so that the owner can plan on a sensible basis.  We will carry out a more detailed business valuation as part of the work we do to produce the Selling Document.

We are not able to value freehold or long leasehold property or businesses whose value is intrinsically linked with property such as hotels, care homes, farms etc.  In cases where a manufacturing or service business happens to own the property from which it operates we will provide a value excluding the property, assuming that the business leases rather than owns the property.  In almost  every case, the sale of the property and the business will be separate transactions.    

For clients and advisers who require a written company or business valuation for the Courts, departing shareholders, dispute resolution, incorporation etc please  visit our Valuation Reports page.

If you are interested in discussing a business valuation, please call us on 02476 100476 or Contact Us for a confidential and no obligation conversation.


Anderson Shaw has offices on the outskirts of Stratford-Upon-Avon and provides business broker and corporate finance services for clients throughout the Midlands and the UK.

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