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Businesses Wanted: Digital Marketing Services

Midlands based client is seeking further acquisitions in the digital marketing space. Criteria includes the following:

  • Target value is likely to be in the range £250k to £750k
  • Shares or asset purchase
  • Revenues will in large part be derived from SEO / PPC activities, social media activities, Amazon ads or digital PR
  • Some level of management / resource in place
  • Large and diversified customer base
  • Distance within a couple of hours of the Midlands


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Substantial Plastics Processing Manufacturer

Substantial Plastics Processing Manufacturer

Established nearly 30 years ago, this opportunity is a well-equipped and well-resourced plastics processing business with annual sales in excess of £2.5M.

Revenue is generated from a number of discrete product lines, including the manufacturing of its own range of products, resulting in a significantly de-risked trading profile. Client relationships are longstanding (many in excess of a decade) with no client accounting for more than 16% of sales. They are also spread across a number of sectors, from automotive to building products and electrical to storage solutions.

Located in the West Midlands, the company operates from a modern 17,000 sq. foot premises and employs 18 full-time staff including a management team.

Revenues have consistently grown year over year, other than the interruption for Covid, and sales for the current year are forecast at £2.6M, delivering an adjusted EBITDA in excess of £650k. The business model is robust and other than (the Covid affected) 2020, it has delivered an adjusted EBITDA in excess of £550k every year since 2016.

The Guide Price sought by the Vendors for 100% of the shares of the business is £2.8M.

The business will be sold on a debt free, cash free basis to include a Net Asset Value at Completion expected to be c. £500k. The balance sheet contains considerable surplus cash, with an expectation for that to be added to the consideration.

The business will be an attractive acquisition for both a larger trade buyer looking to extend its product range and / or technical and manufacturing capability and also those looking for a stable stand-alone business, with significant further growth opportunities.

Contact: Chris Elliott or Peter Wilson        02476 100476

Anderson Shaw Reference - ASCFL/PPM


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Specialist Aerospace Tube-Forming Business - SSTC

Specialist Aerospace Tube-Forming Business

This interesting manufacturing business, established by the vendor in 1999, is a specialist in tube-forming processes, manufacturing components with diameters down to less than 1 mm.  The company supplies customers across a wide range of industries with aerospace being of particular interest.  Having guided the business successfully through the difficult years caused by Covid, the vendor is now ready to sell the business as a move towards his next business project.

In addition to aerospace, the company has customers operating in automotive, engineering, leisure and healthcare sectors.  Its top customer accounts for about 17% of sales and the top 10 for around 60%.  The Company has an excellent track record of keeping customers over many years. 

The 2020 financial year was significantly impacted by Covid and sales fell from c £750k in the previous year to £440k.  However, sales in the current year are expected to reach £570k and £680k in 2022, positioning the business to return to and exceed 2019 levels of sales from 2023 onwards.  The director’s forecast EBITDA before drawings is £48k and £93k for 2021 and 2022 respectively.  The balance sheet is expected to have Net Assets of C £100k at completion.

The Guide Price for the shares of the business is £295k and the vendor will work on for up to 6 months to assist with the handover on terms to be agreed.

Location: Midlands

Sales: £680k   Adjusted EBITDA: £93k

Guide Price: £295k

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Environmental Products and Services Business for Sale

This long established business, based in the Midlands, and available with existing business premises, operates across the United Kingdom and has an excellent track record. It is well-respected in the marketplace, manufacturing and supplying good quality products and reliable service.

The company has a flexible, small, dedicated team, who provide innovative solutions to its customer’s requirements.

The Company has shown stability in profits and sales over the years, operating without any significant debt, and funding itself from its own cash generation.

Current year sales are expected to be £2.1M and adjusted EBITDA close to £400k.

The owners are available to provide consultancy support for a period up to 6 months (on terms to be agreed), if required.

The Guide Price for the Company is £1.45M.

This well established and solid business represents an excellent opportunity for a trade or private buyer to acquire a long-established, successful player in a market which is very much aligned with environmental management issues, in which the  company is at the leading edge. For a buyer with ambition and a strong Customer service philosophy, there is plenty of scope for growth.

Location: Midlands

Annual Sales: c. £2.1M

Anderson Shaw Reference - ASCFL/WATER

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Project Management and Cost Control Consultancy

Professional Practice Specialising in the Hospitality & Leisure Sector - Project Management and Cost Control – High Quality Client Base

This consultancy business was established in the 1930s by the owner’s grandfather.  

The fee-earning team comprises 6 full-time consultants (excluding the owner) plus a part-timer.  Five of the full-time staff are in their 20s, 30s and 40s.  The business operates mainly in the UK but also in Europe where one of the executives is based. The business is based in short-leasehold offices in the Midlands. 

Clients are mainly larger international businesses looking to develop their brands across multiple sites in the UK and Europe.  Annual fees per client vary from under £10k to £150k, averaging at around £50k.

The owner takes pride in the business being able to ‘do as little or as much as required to suit each Client’s individual needs…... whilst remaining truly independent in our approach but still working very closely with the Client’s in house delivery Team’

The Guide Price for 100% of the shares of the business is £675k – the owner is expecting to remain with the business for up to 2 years and is prepared to consider some deferment linked to performance over that period.

Location: West Midlands

Sales: £795k   Adjusted EBITDA: £220k

Guide Price: £675k

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Dancewear & Costumes Design and Manufacturing Businesses For Sale

The owners of Wear Moi International Ltd. and Aurora Dancewear & Costume Ltd., both world-renowned brands and long-established businesses, manufacturing dancewear & costumes in the UK for over 28 years, are seeking to sell both businesses.

They have a team of professional cutters, sample makers & machinists in their London Studio. Using only excellent quality UK/EU manufactured raw materials sourced from trusted suppliers, they make products to order and have a strong reputation in honouring customer's dispatch dates. With a strong international presence they are proud to count amongst their loyal customers some of the biggest dancewear Companies in the USA and the UK. Boasting the biggest UK online retailers; Move Dancewear, Starlite, Amazon, DanceDirect, International Dance Supplies. They have also produced costumes for many London theatre companies and supply dance uniforms to two of the biggest Dance Schools in UK and lots of smaller dance schools.

Prestigious clients include; Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, Alton Towers, London Olympic 2012 (opening and closing ceremonies), English National Ballet, the City of London Livery Guilds, and internationally renowned names such as Madonna, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and Britney Spears. It has even made dresses for Richard and Judy's Show in one day! Madam Tussaud has commissioned it to design all their sports personalities, such as Mark Spitz and Jesse Owens in London and their wax replicas of Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and Elle MacPherson.

The Companies had shown stability in sales of c.£300k over several years pre-COVID, but have seen an unfortunate, but expected, reduction over the last two years, as many of its customers had to temporarily close. Business is improving steadily and the owners are confident of returning to pre-COVID levels over the next 12 months. However they now wish to retire and believe that the business will flourish better under new ownership. The owners are available to provide consultancy support for a period of at least 6 months (on terms to be agreed), if required.

Offers are invited for 100% of the shares of the two companies.

Location: London

Annual Sales expected to return to: c. £300k

Contact Peter Wilson        02476 100476

Anderson Shaw Reference - ASCFL/DANCE

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Manufacturer of Own Range of Towbars For Sale

Established over 30 years ago and located in the West Midlands, the business successfully competes with household brands, predominantly online with excellent reviews for both product and customer service.

Excluding the vendor,  there are 5 fulltime employees who run the day to day operations very capably. The vendor is currently managing the office processes, typically requiring a couple of hours input per day. The technical / engineering knowledge required is limited, with business acumen and development skills of greater importance.

The business has grown year over year for the last 5 years and is forecast to generate sales in the current year of c £750k, delivering an adjusted EBITDA of c £150k. The guide price for 100% shares is £550,000, to include a debt free, cash free Balance Sheet (expected to deliver c. £100,000 of net assets).

Location: West Midlands

Sales: £750k   Adjusted EBITDA: £150k

Guide Price: £550k

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Substantial Premium Regional Kitchen Retailer With Outstanding Showrooms For Sale

Founded in the 1990s, this substantial business is a significant premium regional kitchen retailer, located in the West Midlands. In addition to two outstanding showrooms, the business also has a significant contracts division.

It provides a complete ‘design through installation’ service for retail clients and also very often for the end user for contract clients, with an emphasis of being sympathetic to the space and features of each proposed site and using only high quality product ranges.

The business has consistently grow organically pre-Covid, latterly achieving sales of £2.6M. Revenues will decline slightly to £2.4M in the current year, as a result of Covid restrictions, but the order book is strong and in the absence of further knock on effects from the pandemic,  expects to achieve sales of £2.8M to £2.9M for the year ending Jan 2022 and a sustainable adjusted EBITDA in excess of £200k.

Location: West Midlands

Sales: £2.6M   Adjusted EBITDA: £200k

Guide Price: £800k

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Businesses Wanted: Services, Engineering or Manufacturing Sectors

Businesses Wanted: Services, Engineering or Manufacturing Businesses Sought.

EBITDA of £1m - £5M,  with independent management team in place.

Repeat or recurring revenue model.

UK-based; with 90% + UK customers. 

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M&E Maintenance Services Business for Sale

This well-established business, that has been operating for nearly 30 years, provides out-sourced M&E maintenance services for the industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors. Overall, it offers engineering consultancy, mechanical maintenance, precision engineering, fabrication services and electrical services from its base in the Midlands.

Location: Midlands.  Annual Sales £4.5M; The Guide Price for the Company is £2.2M.  The owners are available to provide consultancy support for a period up to 2 years (on terms to be agreed), if required.

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Thermal Imaging Services Business - SOLD SUBJECT TO LEGALS

With over 25 years trading, this business, based in the Midlands, is one of the largest in the sector and provides thermal imaging surveys and sales and rental of thermal cameras.

The cameras used when conducting surveys, are some of the most accurate and sophisticated on the market, ensuring that its Customers are provided with top quality results. The cameras help detect plumbing leakage, damp issues and faults as well as ensuring energy efficiency, by surveying installation on buildings.

Thermography cameras can identify electrical faults like poor connections, electrical leakage, insulator defects and internal fuse damage, helping Customers to complete their work effectively. Thermal Imaging can help find leaks in pumps, pipes and valves, installation breakdowns and air conditioning efficiently, helping to identify problem areas without having to cause damage to property.

Handheld Infrared cameras are ideal for use in a range of applications, including thermal imaging surveys, film and video production, and veterinary diagnostics.

The business also offers a range of cameras capable of measuring body temperatures for the purposes of scanning for the possibility of COVID-19 and fever detection.

Location: Midlands

Offers Invited for 100% of the Shares

Annual Sales: c. £500k


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Business Wanted: Pure Play Hosting Business

Business Wanted: Pure Play Hosting Business

Location: UK-based; with 90% + UK customers  

Turnover: £250k - £1M


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SOLD: Well Established, Midlands-Based Plating Business

This business was established over 50 years ago and provides Hard Chrome and other plating services to mainly defence, aerospace and motor sport customers.  The business has a valuable, secret process for a particular plating application and this is one of the factors which gives it an edge over competitors. This is a retirement sale.

Location: Midlands. The Guide Price for 100% of the shares is £XX,000.  The premises are available at market value (£XX,000 in 2016).  The business will be sold debt free, cash free albeit the purchaser will be expected to purchase the surplus cash in the balance sheet at completion.


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For Sale: Manufacturer of Paint Application Equipment for Glass Containers

This Company is a leader in its field, designing, building and installing specialised paint application plant for finishing glass containers for the packaging industry mainly in the beverage and cosmetics industries. It has supplied and installed over 50 machines in 20+ countries across the World. Retirement Sale.  Location: Staffs  Guide Price: £TBC for 100% Shares

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SOLD: CNC Precision Engineering Business

The business is well established, with a long history providing sub-contract engineering services to larger businesses in the Motorsport sector. It specialises in the manufacture of precision engineered components, supplying high quality products and services to many different markets and industries, including the Motorsport sector. It also offers design capabilities.

Location: Midlands.  The Guide Price for the Company is £XXM.  The owner is available to provide consultancy support for a period up to 2 years (on terms to be agreed), if required.

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SOLD: Soft Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Business

The soft landscaping and grounds maintenance divisions of a Midlands-based landscaping, general earthworks and grounds maintenance business with some 40+ years’ experience, is for sale.

The sale of these two divisions will comprise the relevant assets, the goodwill and know-how of the underlying businesses and the ‘trade’ name of the company concerned. The sale is part of the vendors’ plans for their eventual retirement, which is planned for the next 3-4 years. The vendors of the Company have no involvement in the day-to-day business operations.

Location: Midlands. The guide price for the two divisions is £XXXM plus SAV.


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NO LONGER AVAILABLE - STRATEGIC INVESTOR ON-BOARDED: SMART meter and Pre-Payment Metering Systems Supplier

The business is an award winning, well established, supplier of electricity SMART meters and Pre-Payment metering systems. It has a long history and has built significant experience in these areas.

As one of the UK’s leading operators of Pre-Payment metering services, it offers robust and reliable web based meter reading and ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ software solutions.

The business has a unique and exclusive distributor relationship with one of the world’s largest meter manufacturers, which has been in place continuously for the last 24 years. 

Offers are being invited from interested parties. Location: Midlands 

Annual Payments Processed and Sales Revenue: c. £XXM with adjusted EBITDA of c.£XXk

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SOLD: Digital Design & Marketing Agency

A well established and profitable website design and digital marketing agency, with website design accounting for c XX% of turnover and recurring digital marketing and hosting services c XX% of revenue. The business has the appropriate skills to deliver a comprehensive digital marketing solution. Vendor currently has a part-time role. Turnover £XXX of which c XX% is recurring, Adjusted EBITDA £XXX+. Location: The Midlands Guide Price: £XXX for 100% shares Debt Free, Cash Free. NOW SOLD

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On Hold: Commercial Laundry & Linen Rental Business

This Business was established 30 years ago by the present owners. It was originally a coin-op but the majority of the business is now commercial, offering a day to day laundry service as well as linen hire. Location: Midlands. The Guide Price for the fixed assets, excluding the Freehold property, but including stock, know-how and goodwill is £275k.

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Electronic Assembly Manufacturing Sub-Contractor Business for Sale; ON HOLD

This business, established for over 25 years, is an important Contract Electronic Manufacturing partner to its many customers.

It offers:

  • Full transparency, responsiveness and flexibility
  • Proven ability to serve small and large industrial companies
  • Trained staff in Manufacturing Engineering, Test and Quality Control
  • Developed and proven methods for Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • Complete supply solutions

The business targets a wide range of customers and operates a full assembly service across the following industries:

TV Broadcasting and Telecommunications; Performance automotive; Oil and Gas; Security and Defence; and Marine.

Location: Home Counties

Offers Invited for 100% of the Shares

Annual Sales: c. £XXM (post COVID)

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Withdrawn: Events Management Business

Events Management Business for Sale:

The business was established in 1995 to provide events management services throughout the UK.

Based in the Midlands, the company has built an extremely well respected brand in this sector and provides activities and services for 150 to 200 events each year. The range of activities provided includes outdoor and indoor team building events as well as evening entertainment.

Current year sales are just over £XXM and adjusted EBITDA £XXk.

The Guide Price for the Company is £XX.

Location: Midlands

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Withdrawn: Substantial Property Maintenance Business

This business provides a wide range of property maintenance services to its blue-chip client base, on a regional basis.  Sectors served include the retail sector, hospitality, construction, the charity sector, local authorities and also a number of national Facilities Management companies.  Location: South East. Guide Price:  £XXX for 100% of the shares Debt Free, Cash Free.

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SOLD: Well Established, Midlands-Based vehicle engine re-manufacturing Business

This business, which is a member of The Federation of Engine Re-manufacturers, was established over 60 years ago and provides all types of engine reconditioning. It specialises in the repair and manufacture of white-metal bearings for Vintage and Classic Engines.    

Location: Midlands.  Guide Price:  Offers Invited.   Offers are sought for the sale of 100% of the shares on a debt free, cash free basis. The vendors will alternatively consider the sale of the assets of the business and offers are sought on this option if preferred by interested parties.

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Withdrawn: Midlands-Based Used Motor Vehicle Sales Business

Established nearly 15 years ago the Company is a specialist used car dealer based in the Midlands and provides quality used cars together with a first class customer service and very competitive pricing. The Company also provides Vehicle servicing, repair and MOT testing facilities. This is a ready-made rare opportunity to own a turnkey business with all of the infrastructure already in place and ready to go. Current year, sales had been expected to be £900k, with an adjusted EBITDA of £70k.  

Location: Midlands.  The Guide Price for for 100% Shares Debt Free, Cash Free is £175,000.  

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Withdrawn: TV & Media Sales Worldwide

This Company has been trading for over 25 years and offers DIY products for the home and garden together with novelty domestic items for the household. The Company supplies products that offer good value for money but that have high standards of quality as well as being practical and flexible. Conveniently placed for road and rail links and with its own warehouse facilities. Easily relocatable.

Location: Midlands.  The Guide Price for the business is £xxxk for the 100% of the shares on a debt free, cash free basis.

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On Hold: Online Retailer of Motorcycle, Motocross, Cycle Accessories

This online retailer, established some 15 years ago, has an excellent reputation with its customers, suppliers and principle outlets (Ebay and Amazon).  Its name is one of the best-known in the industry and there is significant scope for growth.  Retirement sale. Location: Yorkshire Guide Price: £xxx,xxx + Stock at Valuation for the Assets and Goodwill.

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Withdrawn: Award winning, long established Removals and Storage Business

This Company has been trading for over 15 years and has been a regular award winner for its services. It is located in a densely populated catchment area.Providing mainly domestic removals services, utilising its fleet of fully liveried vehicles, it has built up a strong reputation for its quality of service, which has very strong ranking on the Removal Approval website. Location: xxxxxxxxx. The Guide Price for the business is £xxxk for 100% of the shares of the business debt free, cash free.

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On Hold: Skylaunch Ltd

Owner and manufacturer of the world's leading glider launch winch, with the technology increasingly being used in other ways in the military and film special effects sectors. The business also has a fabricating division which delivers similar revenues. There is day to day management in place, keen to remain with the business. Location: ShropshireGuide Price £XXX,XXX for 100% shares, debt free.

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On Hold: Car Accessory Manufacturer With Own Product Range

With its own aftermarket product range, the business successfully competes with larger household names, selling both online and directly to trade. Run day-to-day by staff, the vendor fulfils a part-time strategic role only. The business is currently in ‘tick over mode’, with sales flat at around £xxxk, which delivers a nominal profit.  Location: West Mids. Guide Price £xxxk for 100% of Shares, Debt Free with c.£xxk net assets.

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On Hold: Successful Internet-Based Multi-Screen Computer Supplier

This home-based, internet-based business has established a leading position in the supply of computers capable of supporting multiple display connections, display arrays and monitors.  The business has annual sales in excess of £xxxk generating profits, before owner’s drawings, of nearly £100k per annum.  Location: Yorkshire Guide Price: £TBC for 100% of the shares

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On Hold: Specialist Market Leading Groundworks Contractor

This business has established a differentiated, leading market position and reputation carrying out groundworks and installation activities in an important and growing sector.   The owner of the business wishes to sell in order to achieve a change of lifestyle with a young family.  Location: Midlands. Guide Price: £x,xxx,xxx for 100% Shares Debt Free, Cash Free.

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On Hold: Waste Disposal / Heavy Industrial Cleaning Business

A retirement sale, this business runs a small fleet of vehicles to meet the requirements of client waste disposal and industrial cleaning needs, with the skills to handle challenging situations.  Fracking presents a major new opportunity for growth. Turnover for the current year is forecast at £X.XM. Location: East Midlands. Guide Price  £X.XM for 100% shares to include Balance Sheet with NAV of c. £xxxk.

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On Hold: Growing Profitable Independent Recruitment Business

This Company is a substantial, independent recruitment consultancy with a c. 20 year history, predominantly operating in the IT, Financial Services and Local Authority contractor sectors.  It has exceptional expertise in these sectors and the founder believes now is the right time to transfer the business to new owners capable of taking it to the next stage. Location: London. Guide Price £xxxk for 100% Shares Debt Free, Cash Free.

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