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FOR SALE: SMART meter and Pre-Payment Metering Systems Supplier

SMART meter and Pre-Payment Metering Systems Supplier for Sale:

The business is an award winning, well established, supplier of electricity SMART meters and Pre-Payment metering systems. It has a long history and has built significant experience in these areas.

As one of the UK’s leading operators of Pre-Payment metering services, it offers robust and reliable web based meter reading and ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ software solutions.

The business has a unique and exclusive distributor relationship with one of the world’s largest meter manufacturers, which has been in place continuously for the last 24 years. 

All its’ meters are approved to Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) standards in order to meet the exacting demands of the energy supply market. It has developed processes that allow multiple ways of paying / topping up the meters it installs and has a unique relationship with a leading payments management organisation, allowing customers to have multiple local payment options. It has also developed a bespoke system that enables landlords and other property managers to have strong and complete real-time management of their energy meters.

Its systems allow multi-utility meter readings on a 24/7 basis. The business offers full meter controls through either a GSM/GPRS modem (plus SIM card), or meter communications using the latest PLC Power Line Carrier technology.

Based in the Midlands, and situated near to a network of motorways that allows ease of communication, the business operates across the United Kingdom. Together with office accommodation it has a warehouse for storage of meters and to allow full testing and quality checking of all meters and ancillary equipment, prior to fitting out on site. It is extremely well-respected in the marketplace, supplying good quality products and service at fair prices.

The company utilises a small team of highly skilled engineers to undertake all the meter and systems fittings, all controlled by a very experienced team at their offices.  

The business has shown strong growth in profits and sales over the years, operating without any debt, and funding itself from its own cash generation. To some extent the business has artificially stunted its growth to live within its means and as such there are many opportunities to further expand the business as there is real potential if further emphasis is placed on extending the focus on sales and marketing areas by a prospective new owner.

Current year payments processed and sales revenue is expected to be c.£4.1M and adjusted EBITDA c.£500k.

The owner is available to provide consultancy support for a period of at least 2 years (on terms to be agreed), if required.

Offers are being invited from interested parties.

Location: Midlands

Annual Payments Processed and Sales Revenue: c. £4.1M

Anderson Shaw Reference - ASCFL/METERS1



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