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On Hold: Successful Internet-Based Multi-Screen Computer Supplier

This home-based, internet-based business has established a leading position in the supply of computers capable of supporting multiple display connections, display arrays and monitors.  The business has annual sales in excess of £xxxk generating profits, before owner’s drawings, of nearly £xxxk per annum.  The owner wishes to sell the business to move onto other, unassociated, projects.

The business, established in 2008 assembles specialist PC’s capable of running multiple screens (usually from 2 to 8) as ‘traditionally’ used by financial traders and increasingly by accountants, gamers etc. 

The PC’s are usually supplied with an appropriate stand and monitors.  All 3 components are also sold separately.

The level of expertise required is not great and the vendor is confident that he will be able to train the new owner to a basic level of expertise in under a week.  About the only tool required is a screwdriver and he uses a single garage as his workshop and a garden building for administration and testing.

2 websites are responsible for generating business – the main website and a subsidiary website selling stands only.  Both are highly ranked on Google for the appropriate keywords.

The business has an excellent reputation as evidenced by regular testimonials and also has potential to grow by targeting other sectors which are known to use multi-screen machines.

Sales in the last financial year were £xxxk producing a gross margin of c 30% and £xxk before drawings.  Performance for the current financial year is expected to be at a similar level.  Almost all customers pay ‘upfront’ so there are very few trade debtors.

The Guide Price for 100% of the shares is £TBC and the balance sheet on Completion will be debt free cash free.  The owner will provide full handover support including training and will also be available for up to 6 months by phone/email to assist as required.

If you would like to request further details about this opportunity please complete the form below and indicate your agreement to the Confidentiality Agreement.


You are requesting Anderson Shaw Corporate Finance Ltd ('Provider'), in conjunction with its client ('Vendor'), to provide you with information about the Company/ies and/or Business/es referred to in the advertisement above. This information will usually comprise the identity of the Company/ies and/or Business/es for sale and may also comprise a Confidential Briefing Document and/or other relevant information about the Company/ies and/or Business/es ('the Information'). Before the Information can be sent to you ('Recipient'), you must indicate below for yourself and/or on behalf of the corporate entity/ies you represent your agreement to abide by the following terms:

Recipient agrees:

  • To keep confidential the Information which, for the avoidance of doubt, includes the identity of the Company/ies and/or business/es for sale.
  • To use the Information only for evaluation purposes.
  • To share the Information only with fellow directors and/or retained professional advisers who will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of this agreement.
  • To return all the Information on demand to the Provider or the Vendor and not to retain any copies.
  • On demand to provide a hard-copy, signed version of this agreement from today’s date.

This Agreement will:

  • Terminate with the written consent of both parties or in any event after 2 years from today's date.
  • Not apply to any of the Information found to be in the public domain.
  • Not apply to any of the Information which is published or otherwise becomes part of the public domain through no fault of the Recipient.
  • Not apply to any of the Information which is already known to the Recipient.

In most cases, if the Vendor approves the release of the Information to you, you will be asked to sign a separate, longer form, Non-Disclosure Agreement which will replace this Agreement.

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