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Withdrawn: Events Management Business

Events Management Business for Sale:

The business was established in 1995 to provide events management services throughout the UK.

Based in the Midlands, the company has built an extremely well respected brand in this sector and provides activities and services for 150 to 200 events each year. The range of activities provided includes outdoor and indoor team building events as well as evening entertainment.

Current year sales are just over £XX and adjusted EBITDA XX.

It has a very loyal Client base with 12 of its Clients having continuously used the company for their annual events for at least the last 10 years.

It has a wide spread of Clients, with the largest generating around 5% of annual income and the top 30 Clients generating around 50% of its income.

The company owns the majority of the equipment that is used in the events, generally only sub-contracting to a small group of trusted suppliers for specialised events that it is asked to manage.

There is a great emphasis placed on training, safety and quality of service, with all staff undertaking regular re-training and the use of professional independent medical personnel at many of its events.

The company has a flexible, small, dedicated team of administrators, who together with the owners and the use of sub-contract support, provide fully managed, consistent and innovative events for its Clients.

The Company has shown growth, averaging around 9% pa over the last few years, from revenue in FY 2017 of £XXk to the current FY 2019 £XXM level.  It has achieved this mainly through repeat business from its Clients, by word of mouth referrals and activity via its website, without any significant sales activities. There has been limited focus on sales and marketing over recent years, the owners being satisfied with the level of business generated through organic growth alone.

The owners are available to provide support for a period of 3 months, with a further 3 months if necessary (all on terms to be agreed), if required.

The Guide Price for the Company is £XXX.

This well established and solid business represents an excellent opportunity for a trade or private acquirer who is seeking a first step into the events management business, or for a trade buyer seeking to expand its services, with significant opportunity for growth through expanding its sales activities.

Location: Midlands   Annual Sales: c. £XXM

Contact Peter Wilson        02476 100476

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