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We have tried to pre-empt questions that visitors to our website may have based on the questions we have been asked, most frequently, over the years.  However, if we have not featured the question that you have in mind, please Contact Us or call us on 02476 100476.

How far in advance of a sale should a vendor begin Exit Planning?

Some would say that a business owner should be planning his/her exit from the opening day of the business.  In practice, we think there is a case for planning up to 5 years ahead.  At this time, it is worth finding out what the business is worth today and how this compares with the vendor's financial needs in 5 years time.  To the extent that there is a gap, Exit Planning can help to address this. Even if there is no gap, there will be a number of worthwhile actions that the vendor can implement to smooth the sale process.

Can Exit Planning be worthwhile for business owners who wish to sell 'immediately'?

Yes, definitely.  We have made some suggestions about this on our 'Short Term Action Areas' webpage.  Even if the vendor does no more than have a tidy-up this will increase the attractiveness of the business to buyers.  There are also a number of preparatory actions that can be taken to make the sale process smoother.    

Does Anderson Shaw have the expertise to advise me on all of the Action Areas listed on the website?

No, our role is to advise vendors about the value of the business and to provide overall guidance as to how this value may be increased with the benefit of an Exit Plan.  The business owner will often be able to undertake much of the work him/herself but there are also skilled consultants who specialise in Exit Planning and it may be worth engaging one such.  We can introduce vendors to people we have found to be skilled in this area.

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