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As co-founders of the business we were both very apprehensive about how to proceed once we had decided that it was time for us to sell the business. We found Anderson shaw via a web search and were persuaded by the references on the website from previous sellers and by what was said on the website in terms of the process involved. We met with Peter and found him to be honest in relation to how he said the process would work, what was happening in the market and his valuation of the business and his general experience. 

We had several interested parties that were introduced through Anderson Shaw, met with several of them and were able to select the one that we felt was best placed to take our business forward. 

The sale process was not without its’ problems, mainly due to the buyer’s funders needs, in what we understood was a difficult period for obtaining funding, but in the end the sale completed satisfactorily. Peter has provided some invaluable support throughout this process and made sure that we dealt with all the issues as they arose, whilst keeping the buyers secure in all aspects of their needs. 

We have very bittersweet feeling now that the sale has completed, on the one hand pleased that we have achieved a very good sale of the business, on the other feeling of loss at no longer having the business that we set up and ran for over 20 years. We would certainly recommend using Anderson Shaw for any seller who is looking to sell their business and we are pretty sure that without Peters’ help this process would probably not have been successful.

Seller 2023

- Seller of Environmental Services Business -

I engaged Anderson Shaw in 2020 to sell my business for me, following a recommendation from our Accountants. Peter and Richard were very professional and delivered really good levels of support to firstly put a very good sales document together, then search for potential buyers and help us through to an eventual sale. The process did have its' up's and down's and, as Peter had advised to start with, did take longer than I anticipated, but Anderson Shaw's guidance throughout the process was invaluable to getting the deal done on terms that worked well for me. The sale finalised in early 2023 just over 18 months from when they first started marketing the Company.

Seller 2023

- Seller of Mezzanine Floor Business -

I engaged Anderson Shaw in 2019 to use their extensive network to source a company for me to acquire. Peter and his team were thorough and presented several options which fit my criteria perfectly. After reviewing 20+ targets through another broker, it was clear Peter understood the brief with the targets he presented. Anderson Shaw's guidance throughout the acquisition process was invaluable to getting the deal done on terms that worked best for me. I have recommended Anderson Shaw in the past and will use them again for my next project.

D MacLoughlin / DSMS Group

- Acquirer of Web Hosting Business -

Richard and Peter from Anderson Shaw dealt with the recent sale of our business for my husband and I, and we have been really pleased with the expertise and level of support they have given us. The sale would never have happened without their help and attention.

From the start they made it clear that it would not be an overnight task, nor would it be one that we would enjoy the journey through, and then with all the uncertainty of BREXIT and COVID thrown in, the process was probably even more complicated than it might otherwise have been. Throughout though both Richard and Peter were calm and efficient and worked hard to get the best deal for us.

There was considerable time spent by Anderson Shaw and us in putting together what we felt was a very comprehensive and informative Sales Briefing Document for the business, which really gave an excellent picture of the business, both now and its history, and I am sure helped all the interested parties getting a good feel for the business.

Whilst we had several interested parties, we sold the business to a private buyer in the end, who, whilst not having direct experience in the market, was very keen on learning about it and committed to developing it further into the future, which was a key requirement for us. We developed a good relationship with the buyer throughout the process and felt that we ended up with a fair deal for both parties at the end, much of this was due to the way Richard and Peter managed the negotiations.

We would happily recommend Anderson Shaw to any other business owner looking to sell their business, for the professional support they gave us, the strength of their negotiation skills and their overall handling of the whole of the sale process from start to finish.

- Seller of Plating Business - 2021 -

Peter at Anderson Shaw handled the recent sale of my business and I am pleased to recommend their services. I started the business back in 1999, to provide specialist engineering services in the Motorsport sector, and in mid-2019, after 20 years running the business, I decided it was time to pursue other family interests I have. As an experienced engineer I had little expertise in the process of selling a business and sought out professional help to do so.

Having researched several options I met with Peter and chose to work with him as he had some good experience in businesses of my size, and I was confident in what he was telling me.

He did forewarn me that I would not enjoy the experience and he was dead right!

Anderson Shaw found several potential buyers and I had meetings with them, and in December 2019, I agreed to sell to the eventual buyer. After some initial progress in early 2020, COVID-19 hit and caused a 3-month hold on progress; however, in May 2020 we progressed to the full-scale DD process and eventually completed the sale in early August 2020.

There were some real up’s and down’s over the whole process and I’m pleased to say that Peter helped greatly in keeping things moving and providing some real support over the time with his calm and professional manner throughout.

I would certainly recommend Anderson Shaw to anyone looking to sell their business due to the honest and reliable advice and general support Peter gave me.

- Seller of CNC business - 2020 -

I have just completed on the acquisition of a specialised Midlands-based CNC engineering business, for which Anderson Shaw acted as Business Transfer Agents on behalf of the Sellers. My dealings with Anderson Shaw were with Peter Wilson who I found to be extremely professional and who dealt with both his Client and I in a very open and honest basis. I was initially very impressed with the IM provided and the level of information supplied in it, which was followed up by speedy and full responses to all my further enquiries.

After a couple of meetings with the Sellers and Peter we agreed Heads of Terms in December 2019 and started off the DD work in January 2020, only for the whole process to be halted when the COVID-19 virus hit. Peter ensured that during this period he kept communications strong between the Sellers and I, by way of regular financial updates from the business, and conference calls between us all; without this I fear the deal may well have drifted away from both the Seller and I. Once we were comfortable to re-start the process Peter ensured that we were up-to-date with all my information requests and acted as a strong conduit between the Sellers and I, helping both of us through the inevitable hiccups that occur along the way.

We eventually completed in early August and I would be happy to recommend Anderson Shaw as a very professional and experienced organisation in any similar transaction, for either Buyer or Seller; I hope that I will be able to work with them again in the future as I continue my own business expansion plans.

- Buyer of CNC engineering business - 2020 -

Anderson Shaw handled the recent sale of our family business and I have no hesitation in recommending their services. My father established the company over 47 years ago and having taken up the reins some 24 years ago, in 1995, I recognised it would prove difficult indeed to let go, but Peter Wilson gave me good support throughout the process.

The business had seen some recent difficult times but had a very rosy future and Peter was able to find prospective buyers who could see the opportunities in the business. Anderson Shaw put together a very comprehensive and professional sales document for the business, which all the buyers we met with commented upon.

We eventually settled on a non-trade buyer, but one who was seeking to expand into our service area, and we came to an agreement around the sale very quickly. The due diligence process was not without its difficulties, but Peter provided a calm and reliable support during this time.

I would strongly recommend Anderson Shaw for any owner looking at a potential sale and the good, honest, reliable advice they provide together with the strength of their support over what is almost always a traumatic experience.

- NT Killingley Limited Vendor 2020 -

Chris has been a tremendous help positioning the business for sale and getting interest. After the first deal fell through, Chris didn’t give up hope and soon had another offer on the table, which was successful. He has a huge amount of patience and tenacity and a solid understanding of commercials.

- Vendor 2020 -

In March 2020, RD Capital Partners (RDCP) completed the acquisition of Killingley, an award-winning multi-functional civil engineering, commercial landscaping, and grounds maintenance firm. 

Sameer Rizvi, CEO and Founder of RDCP, explains: “We were pleased to complete this acquisition, as it forms an important part of achieving our vision for 2020 to build a presence in three key sectors: healthcare, infrastructure, and real estate. We were attracted to Killingley because of their excellent reputation and track record of success and are committed to working with Gareth Dillon and his team to deliver long-term growth strategies.”

Anderson Shaw acted as business advisers to the shareholders of Killingley in its’ sale and we were very impressed with the detailed and extensive IM they produced relating to the business and their professionalism throughout the transaction. Peter Wilson, who led the transaction on behalf of Anderson Shaw, was key in formulating a workable structure and ensuring that, for these types of transactions, the due diligence and legal process was completed in very short timescales and generally worked hard to ensure the whole transaction progressed smoothly.”

- Acquirer of NT Killingley 2020 -

As part of a group reconstruction we were faced with a “sell or close” dilemma for a well established engineering business which the Board were sceptical about whether a buyer would be found.

Peter Wilson helped us to identify where there was potential value for a buyer. With his help we put together a sales memorandum which the eventual buyer described as the best document he had seen for this type of company. This gave us the confidence to express clearly the potential benefits that a new owner could bring to the business to secure the long-term future of a loyal and skilled workforce.

Anderson Shaw’s market position and reach attracted substantial interest from prospective buyers. The inevitable time wasters were weeded out quickly and we were able to meet with genuine buyers with coherent reasons for acquiring the business.

Peter’s support and calm approach, especially when there were twists and bumps along the way, enabled us to secure a great buyer for the business to secure a future for all concerned.   

- Vendor 2019 -

One of our long-standing Clients, a husband and wife team, who had set up their business over 40 years ago and grown it into a substantial operation, told us that they had decided to sell and asked us to help them in finding an Advisor to sell their business.

Amongst others we found Anderson Shaw who appeared to have a good reputation in this area and after some initial discussions with them a meeting was arranged with our Clients. This meeting was successful and they were appointed to be Sales Agents. They were chosen because it was considered that Peter Wilson and his team from Anderson Shaw could offer the close support and advice that was likely to be needed for a successful outcome. They already had a potential Buyer in mind and after several meetings a formal offer was made and accepted.

Peter led the selling process that was not without its difficulties, but he kept the deal moving and hand-held our clients through a pretty challenging time for them.

The Buyers DD process was very thorough and again Peter acted as a strong Co-ordinator to keep things moving and to progress through the various stages of the DD.

I would not hesitate to recommend Anderson Shaw for any owner looking at a potential sale and the reliable advice and overall service they provide.

Our Clients were pleased with the outcome and are now enjoying a very well earned retirement!

- Advisor 2019 -

Anderson Shaw handled the recent sale of our family business and both my husband and I have no hesitation in highly recommending their services. Having established and run the company for over 40 years we recognised it would prove very difficult indeed to let go.

With neither of us having had any previous experience in sales of this nature we turned to our long standing Accountants to assist us in finding someone suitable. Our final choice was Anderson Shaw who proved ideally proficient and in tune with our needs.

The sale did not proceed without its challenges, but the very calm and professional manner in which Peter Wilson supported us during the process was of real benefit. From the start we were given sound advice as to how the process would progress but were still shocked by the amount and depth of the due diligence work involved. Peter provided first class advice throughout and was key in ensuring we kept the whole matter moving forward; he proved to be an excellent sounding board when we needed it and offered admirable support. He was always on hand when we needed advice and reassurance during all of the twists and turns in the process, keeping us on an even keel when otherwise we may have contemplated giving up on the whole thing. As novices in this field we were given the right level of attention throughout as and when needed. Thank you Anderson Shaw.

- Vendor 2019 -

“Peter, once again many thanks for your valuable guidance, advice and patience.  We feel that maybe whilst our intentions were not quite the ”norm” you steered us throughout to reach a satisfactory conclusion.”

- Valuation Client 2019 -

" We engaged Anderson Shaw to provide business and share valuations as part of developing a new company incentive scheme. It was all new to us, but Peter and his team clearly explained each step of the process and worked closely with ourselves and our legal team. They also gave us some great ideas about a number of other opportunities, which was extremely helpful. They were responsive and very easy to work with. I would certainly recommend and would engage them again in the future"

- Valuation Client 2018 -

"Peter and Anderson Shaw assisted greatly with their professional approach and advice from the onset of our relationship. They took great care and displayed impressive attention to detail in assisting me with my requirements and producing a thorough and well-presented sales briefing document. As soon as my business was advertised, we had numerous enquiries. Good advice was also given before meetings with prospective buyers and AS were thoroughly professional in following up with them thereafter. I would recommend them".  Business owner, Professional services company dealing with large, high profile clients.

- Vendor 2018 -

Richard Anderson emphasised from Day 1 the importance of producing a high quality Sales Memorandum and worked closely with the management team to optimise the format and content.  His advice and experience proved invaluable and the upfront effort paid dividends, allowing us to hit the right target audience and have a well-prepared Data Room.

- Vendor Group Finance Director 2017 -

Anderson Shaw handled the sale of my business recently, and I highly recommend this company's services. The sale was a particularly challenging one, I think it's true to say and the business 'model' was slightly unusual. However, from the start Richard provided first class support and advice. He ensured that the initial sales details were well drafted and because of this, there was a great deal of interest from the start from potential buyers. He was always on hand when I needed advice and reassurance during the process. Never having sold a business before, I had to rely on his experience and expertise and it was invaluable. Mine was probably not a large sale, compared with some he had handled, but I felt he gave it the same amount of attention and application. Finally and importantly of course, the fee structure was very transparent and did not require me to make a large upfront payment, unlike a lot of other brokers. I was comfortable and reassured by this.

- Vendor in 2016 -

Anderson Shaw did a great job selling our business. Richard was fantastic from helping with the documentation through to the negotiations and right up to the sale. He was calm and professional through the ups and the downs and always offered good advice throughout. It was a pleasure to work with Anderson Shaw and it was reassuring to have them on our side and to know that they were always there to help when things got a bit bumpy. Thanks guys and in particular Richard for your huge input and support.

- Vendor in 2016 -

Anderson Shaw certainly proved their worth. My Solicitors commented that it was unusual to find someone who really knew what they were talking about and who continued to manage the process to the end.

- Vendor in 2016 -

I was delighted with the assistance Anderson Shaw provided in selling my business. They generated plenty of interest and conducted the sale in a thoroughly professional manner. Importantly, for me, once we had agreed terms, they ensured the sale stayed on track when the purchasers were distracted with other matters. I would recommend Anderson Shaw without hesitation.

- Anderson Shaw Client -

Thanks to you both for your help and support with helping to make our dreams come true!

- Vendor in 2015 -

Can I just thank you for all Chris's and your help, very much appreciated.

- Vendor in 2014 -

Thank you so much for your help and support with regard to the selling of our business, especially for smoothing out the " bump in the road". Without you I don't think it would have gone any where near as smoothly as it it did, or maybe even not at all. You truly are a remarkable person, an excellent negotiator and a great judge of character, (the buyer) is brilliant!

- Vendor in 2014 -

Anderson Shaw was recommended to us a a team that would go the extra mile to secure the deal and they very much lived up to this challenge. Their approach was thoroughly professional, their advice well-judged and their moral support gratefully received during the more difficult times, so we would certainly use them again.

- BIMBO Owner/Director 2013 Completion -

Richard and Chris were invaluable when selling my business. They were patient and understanding in what was an emotional time and were very supportive. After a lenghty process, they found the right buyer and everything completed on time.

- Vendor in 2013 -

It has been a pleasure working with you. I can't imagine how bad it would have been without your help and patience - it is a huge relief to me to have completed a successful deal after all this time.

- Vendor in 2013 -

Just to say a thank you for all the assistance you gave me during the recent sale of my company. Not many people will have the experience of the amount of work in the selling of a company, your expertise in finding the right purchaser for me was invaluable and the support during the negotiations was much appreciated. The deal structure, as you know, gave me a 2 year contract with the purchasing company, as I look back over the last 2 months in my new position I can say with complete honesty that the 2 best decisions were to allow you to represent me and to sell the company.

- Vendor in 2012 -

We were very happy with the service provided by Anderson Shaw which led to the successful sale of our business at the Guide Price. Richard’s input was invaluable, dealing with 3, ultimately, abortive offers and overcoming a number of difficulties before the final deal was done, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Anderson Shaw to business sellers.

- Vendor in 2011 -

We came across Richard Anderson via an internet search engine & engaged him following an hour long call back and a couple of subsequent meetings. Richard took the time to really understand both our business and our personal circumstances. The valuation that Richard put on our business was very accurate and the level of interest generated is testament to the way in which he presented our company to the market. His knowledge and experience of similar transactions proved to be an invaluable asset and he delivered some great advice in a professional yet friendly manner that allowed us to understand any given situation and make informed decisions. It was particularly reassuring to have Richard's presence throughout all stages of negotiations and his involvement played no small part in a very successful outcome.

- Owner/Directors of Company Sold in 2009 -

We engaged Richard Anderson of Anderson Shaw to undertake a valuation of our business. We ended up with much more; not only a valuation but a 5 year financial forecast and valuable advice from a knowledgeable expert. We cannot recommend the services of Anderson Shaw highly enough.

- Business Valuation Client -

The last disposal transaction we worked on together was certainly memorable – your calm style, intellect and negotiating skills again brought home the deal to the great satisfaction of all involved. Well done!

- Owner/Director of Company Sold in 2008 -

Anderson Shaw has offices on the outskirts of Stratford-Upon-Avon and provides business broker and corporate finance services for clients throughout the Midlands and the UK.

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